More than five decades of tradition in jewelry tell us about values ​​such as permanence, commitment and, above all, love.

commitment and love

Founded by Geraldina Vega Gamboa who manages to materialize the dream of previous generations in love with jewelry, becoming the pillar of this family business that speaks to us of values ​​such as permanence, commitment and above all love.

His philosophy is: “Love what you do to be happy and do it well, work dignifies us and makes us transcend, it is the way to leave a mark”. His greatest Legacy is the strength to fight life.

Evolving for more than five decades of tradition in jewelry that translates into experience and renown. A Mayan legend of love, where its iconic silhouette has become synonymous with luxury and style.

Over the years, important recognitions have been achieved in the commercial, industrial and design fields, such as